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It began with our common love, high respect and appreciation for Mother Nature and our aim to provide anyone with the best quality of everything that the wild nature of Cyprus can provide. That, which cannot be found in Cyprus, to be able to provide it from it's best origin. 


Directly from nature’s abundance to YOU! Far away from any source of pollution such as roads, electricity pales, built-up and industrial areas. Everything is carefully selected and handpicked one by one, with the outmost respect and gratitude towards each plant.  

All our herbs are dried out the traditional way, without the use of any machinery, handled with loving care and delivered to you in perfect condition. Thus providing, beyond flavour and quality, the highest in therapeutic value. The medicine for any kind of ailment, is truly to be found within Mother Nature. 

Due to our love and respect for nature, our production is limited and the quality you get the highest in the market today!

Some consider us, to be the "Ace up the sleeve" for world known chefs, cosmetic and perfume manufacturers, holistic and Ayurvedic therapists as well as research institutes, or anyone who wants to know more...

It goes well beyond the precious wild herbs. If you find yourself in Cyprus, you may want to consider to Adopt a Tree!, or join us in one of our Tours, even have one Cyprus Hobbit Tour made at your measures. A look at The Codecan elaborate further more... 

Thank you for BEing Here!

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