Flower Essences are a type of vibrational healing. They are a safe and natural alternative method of healing. The use of Flower Essences helps alleviate and treat psychological and psychosomatic problems. Mainly working on the spiritual, mental and emotional energetic level. ​They gently restore the balance between the mind and the body by casting out negative emotions, such as fear, worry, hatred and indecision, which interfere with the equilibrium of the healing as a whole. Once anything on those levels gets released, physical healing takes place. 


Bach Flower Remedies are 38 natural remedies made with various flowers, plants and trees. Each individual remedy is suited for a particular emotional state, such as sadness, anger, irritability, fear, loneliness, etc.


Bach Flower Remedies are useful when dealing with challenging emotional personality traits and also life experiences which cause intense emotional responses.




DIY Consultation mode:

Discover for yourself the ideal treatment combination for you! After purchasing this consultation mode, you will receive per email a consultation form. You are then being asked to answer questions regarding any current emotional and psychological issues you are experiencing. It is of highest importance that you are absolutely honest with yourself. 


In Person Consultation mode: (Recommended)

Start having immediate results and request an in person consultation with our Flower Remedies practitioner Stephania (www.lifeatyourmeasures.com), which includes Energy Healing and Life Transformational Coaching.

All in person consultations are held online through Skype or through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber. Upon request they can be held in person.


Following the consultation, you receive a special customised treatment bottle of up to 7 of the individual Bach Flower Essences, tailored to address your specific needs. This customized flower remedy will help you achieve your optimal state of mind. As a result, you might notice that the heaviness is lifting, you will be less stressed, smile more, sleep better and generally fit better into your own skin.


Bach Flower Remedies treatment bottle - 30ml - to be taken internally - 4 drops of the remedy, 4 times a day for approximately 3 to 4 weeks.


Please note:

  • Bach Flower Remedies are safe for the whole family including pets and plants and DO NOT interfere with any other medication.

  • Bach Flower Remedies contain alcohol - Organic Brandy to preserve them, therefore are NOT suitable for those with alcohol intolerance.

  • This is a vibrational type of healing. It does not include a diagnosis of any psychological, physical or health condition. Please refer to your medical practitioner for such.  


Find out more about healing with Bach Flower Essences here


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