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Welcome to a new Era!


Your known and trusted Cyprus Hobbit CBD products, 

are now coming to you under the name


Klostiki - Beyond Hemp.


Thank you for your trust in our CBD products throughout the years! This trust has enabled us to grow, so that a separate space was needed, dedicated entirely to the plant of Hemp, its derivatives and its valuable contribution to a sustainable planet.


The CBD products you know and trust, are now called Klostiki - Beyond Hemp, with an ever expanding and evolving Hemp product range.


Cyprus Hobbit remains faithfully committed in bringing you wildcrafted herbs, tinctures, oils, vegan cosmetics and much more. In limited quantities for the love of Mother Nature, using the old ways in harmony, love, gratitude and appreciation; ensuring their high vibrational and therapeutic value. 



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Full Spectrum CO2 Extracted CBD oil for Pets 500mg (5%)

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