CBD isolate powder is the purest form of cannabidiol available. To make Isolate, CBD oil is CO2 extracted from Hemp in the same way as it is for our other CBD products. It then goes through further filtration to remove plant material and “winterisation” which removes waxes, chlorophyll, terpenes, trichomes, and flavonoids still present in the CBD oil. The result is a fine white powder that is 99.9% pure CBD.


Isolate CBD powder is tasteless and very versatile, allowing you to choose just the right way to use CBD. Because CBD Isolate is so pure it is easy to understand your dosage. Each 1mg of isolate contains 1mg of CBD.


How to use CBD Isolate


1. Use CBD Isolate under the tongue

CBD isolate can be used straight away with no further preparation. Just measure out your dose and place it under the tongue for 60 seconds. The tasteless powder will dissolve in your mouth and be absorbed through mucous membranes – its the fastest way to get CBD into the bloodstream. Any residue can be swallowed.


2. Add CBD Isolate to food

Since there is no taste, CBD powder can be sprinkled on toast, whizzed into a smoothie or added to cooked foods. It is important, though not to heat the CBD above 65ºC as this makes changes that affect is potency. If you choose to add it to your hot drinks make sure they have cooled little first, and don’t cook it!


3. Make your own CBD preparations

The only limit for combining CBD Isolate with your favoured health preparations is your imagination. To make preparations to ingest or use sublingually (under the tongue), hemp seed oil,  olive oil, grapeseed oil and MCT (fractionated coconut oil), are each valued for their benefits for digestion, and as health supplements to support joint health, skin health, relaxation and concentration. CBD Isolate can also be added to coconut oil or Aloe Vera gel to create your own topical CBD skin preparation for direct application to tired muscles or sore joints. For fans of aromatherapy and homeopathy, why not add CBD Isolate to a sweet almond oil base then add a few drops of essential oil to complement its effect such as lavender oil to aid relaxation or peppermint for concentration and focus. Please be sure to check any essential oils or carrier oils you use with CBD Isolate are suitable for topical use or ingestion as per your preparation.


Feel free to contact us and share with you our knowledge on creating your own CBD products with our CBD Isolate Powder!


4. Add it to your Vape Juice

Can you vape CBD Isolate? Yes you can. Everything is prepared for you and ready to go. However, if you have a special flavour you love to vape, you can easily add CBD isolate to that vape oil. Just be sure to remember how pure it is when calculating your dosage!


CBD Oil vs Isolate


The important difference between CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD products is the pureness of isolate as a CBD-only product. For some users the absolute absence of residual THC is vitally important and in practice there is no perceptible THC in any of Cyprus Hobbit CBD products!


Isolate is tasteless, its is easy to determine dosages and it can easily be added to a whole range of other foods, drinks and topical preparations to make your own customised CBD preparation.


Full spectrum CBD products such as CBD in Virgin Hemp oil, CBD vape oil, CBD Capsules & Balm contain not only CBD but other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and vitamins that in some circumstances work together to enhance the effect of the CBD. Some full spectrum products have a strong taste, which is not present in CBD Isolate.


Both CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum products are effective so the choice is yours – whether to try the entourage effect of combined plant extracts working together in Full Spectrum products or enjoy the flexibility and creativeness of combining CBD Isolate with a whole range of your favourite foods and preparations.


Keep in mind that CBD isolate is 99% pure. A gram of CBD isolate will typically contain over 990 milligrams of CBD. This means that for every one milligram of powder, you’re essentially getting one milligram of CBD. This makes it easier than ever to measure precise dosages and know exactly how much CBD you’re getting every time you use it.




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