Cyprus Hobbit Full Spectrum CO2 Extracted CBD Raw Extract Paste is made from whole plant extract processed by Co2 extraction, so it includes the full range of cannabinoids Sativa L Hemp offers such as  cannabinoids, terpenes and phenols for an entourage effect of complementary benefits.


The CO2 extraction method does not use heat so it preserves not only the CBD but also other cannabinoids such as CBD-A, CBC, CBN, CBV and CBG, together with the terpenesflavonoids and phenols – present in the plant to ensure users experience the full entourage effect which is achieved by all of the elements of the extract working together.


The 5ml tube containing 750mg CBD. Each 1ml contains a full 150mg CBD!

This form of Raw CBD paste gives users a high concentration of CBD in a very natural form,


How to take Raw CBD Whole Plant Extract Paste

Because Whole Plant Paste extract CBD is ultra-concentrated, a typical starter-dose is the size of a grain of rice twice daily. Squeeze a dose onto a spoon and hold under the tongue or in the mouth for 90 seconds before swallowing. Each person’s perfect dose will vary, but you should use Raw CBD Paste every day for a couple of weeks to achieve the best CBD effects.


The tube should be stored away from heat and sunlight. Ensure the CBD Raw Paste tube is at room temperature prior to use.



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Cyprus Hobbit Full Spectrum CO2 Extracted CBD Raw Extract Paste 750mg (15%) 5ml

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