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Fresh black truffles type Tuber Uncinatum vitt.

Other names: Truffe de Bourgogne, Burgundertrüffel, Grey truffle


Similar to Tuber Aestivum with more pleasing and intense odor. the name of this truffle is derived from its hook shaped spores. The fruity body is large and ranges from the size of an egg to that of an orange, but at times even larger than 10 cm in diameter. The skin is black. Its odor resembles that of a hazelnut. It ripens all year round but mostly from September to January. It is known that the flavour and perfume is most intense September to January .


Extra quality fresh autumn truffles, includes truffles with regular shape, weighing between 15 and 200 grams / over 3cm in diameter / in perfect condition.


The truffles are washed & ready to use.


* We deliver our fresh truffles in special high-quality refrigerated boxes with additional coolers for temperature control.


* At the price is included and the shipping!!

* The harvest takes place 5 - 6 days from the day of ordering

* After harvesting, you receive the truffles 48 - 72 hours, if you are in Cyprus and

* 3 - 5 working days for the rest of the world


Storage: refrigerator at + 2 degrees Celsius.

Durability with optimal storage 14 - 20 days


***The Seller shall not be liable for compensation to the Buyer for the damage suffered when the execution of the order became impossible due to the fault of the courier companies, customs and 3rd party.***

Fresh Black truffles - Tuber Uncinatum vitt. - Extra quality

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