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100grams of extra quality fresh white truffles type Tuber Borchii vitt, includes truffles with regular shape, weighing above 8 gram /over 3 cm in diameter/, cuts and scratches are minimal


"Bianchetto truffles", also known as "Marzuolo truffle" (Tuber Borchii), are abundant in the Italian regions of Tuscany, Piedmont and Marche. Can easy be confused with the exclusive White truffle (Tuber Magnatum) because at first sight it masks the same characteristics: irregular, smooth and off-white color, but the difference is that when the Bianchetto matures, the meat becomes darker. The taste is less refined and pronounced like the White truffle.

The scent is the most important characteristic that distinguishes itself from the White truffle. If it is soft and pleasant at first, it will become garlic-like or even rancid after a while.

If you can buy 'White truffles' after January 15, then you are usually dealing with a Borchii truffle. Not the same quality and not the same price. However, a nice alternative in the late winter.

Fresh White Spring Truffle - Tuber-Borchii 100gr.

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