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Wildcrafted Castor oil can be used as a massage oil and carrier oil.  It can be taken orally and topically, and is considered to strengthen the immune system.

As a post-sports or injury massage oil, Wildcrafted Castor oil warms the muscles and soothes aching joints. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits and is considered to be a antimicrobial agent.

Castor oil’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties are due to ricinoleic acid which constitutes almost 90% of castor oil and has a decongestant action on the lymphatic system which carries the body’s waste products to the blood for elimination. This may make Castor oil helpful to people with auto-immune problems including arthritis.

Wildcrafted Castor Oil has long been used as an ingested remedy for gastrointestinal problems as a natural and safe laxative.

Wildcrafted Castor Oil applied to the scalp warm can stimulate hair follicles to thicken hair, for treatment of alopecia and also to improve thinning eyebrows.

Fungal infections such as ringworm and athletes foot may be treated with Castor oil by heating the oil then allowing it to cool to skin temperature. Warm oil is applied to the area then left overnight. The treatment should be repeated until the problem disappears but significant improvement may be seen within a week.

Wildcrafted Castor oil is a very effective deep skin moisturiser and though thick to apply by warming a small amount between your hands, it is quickly absorbed. For an easier to handle, lighter moisturiser mix Castor oil with coconut oil.

The benefits of Wildcrafted Castor Oil are extended by blending it with complimentary essential oils for massage abd treatments, and it is also used in making cosmetics and soaps.



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Wildcrafted Castor Oil (coldpressed) 100ml

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