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Beyond just Raw Wild Almonds!


We carefully select and handpick only the naturally fallen from forgotten almond trees of the wild nature of Cyprus. The wild almonds are then cracked open under the tree they are collected in the way our forfathers did, using hand and stone.

The result of that you can taste and feel it in it's unique rich flavour and texture, as well as benefits, which is beyond expectation (you feel the life it contains) and what you have been accustomed to*. Probably, the best and most healthy almond experience you have experienced so far!


* The majority of almonds on the market today, go through a harsch process. Beginning with the use of pesticides on the trees, the rattle of the trees later to get the almonds prior their time, the process to collect the almond and later to gain the seed through heavy machinery and the process of packaging, all that adds up in turning a high vibrational source of nutrition into something much lesser.

Raw wild almonds handpicked & handcracked 100gr.

SKU: 8799
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