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Not only does Rosemary protect you from others' negative wishes and energies, but it also protects you from yourself. This sage allows you to let go without the chaos. It removes negative thoughts and cleanses your aura.


Rosemary is highly recommended while meditating, as it is a great sage for the brain. Rosemary aids the physical and psychological aspects of the human brain.

Rosemary also has a lot of physical benefits to our bodies.

Rosemary helps our memory, aids inflammation, and helping with autoimmune diseases. 

Rosemary holds anti-inflammatory compounds and boosts the immune system, and improves blood circulation.


The use of smudging is highly rooted in native history, for cleansing and removing negativity, promoting healing properties, energy cleansing, ritual ceremonies. 

Sizes and Shapes


All of our smudge sticks are wildcrafted from the wild nature of Cyprus. Wrapped with hemp string and come in various shapes and sizes. Due to their natural conditions, our smudge sticks include 9 stems and vary in length and thickness.


We pride ourselves on our products’ quality and the integrity we obtain and bring them to you. We honor and support the preservation, healing and restoring of the wild nature of Cyprus. 


Rosemary Smudge Stick - Wildcrafted

SKU: 770077
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