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“What is the highest we can do today?” This has been the main question for us in the recent months. Throughout this process we were led to what we are about to introduce to you here. The Seagreens® constitute a part of our daily routine and we are very excited, happy and grateful for giving it as well now to you. 


Seagreens® are for daily use in nutrition. Their nutrient breadth and density helps restore dietary micronutrient balance and vitality, and is a complete source of minerals. Safe for all ages and very easy to use. Higher levels are used in nutrition therapy. No supplement can replicate this primordial food. In the past 50 years, meat and veg have lost about half their calcium, iron, magnesium, copper and zinc. Strict vegetarian diets lack iodine. These native seaweeds complement and fill all the gaps in land grown foods and all special diets. Seagreens® contain all the nutrient groups, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, protein, fatty acids, enzymes, antioxidants, polyphenols and soluble fibre. Independent research shows Seagreens® are an effective prebiotic, and detoxify heavy metals, and free radicals in the gut. Studies published since 2008 describe the benefits in obesity, weight regulation, diabetes, digestion, and cardiovascular disease.


Seagreens® wild wrack species provide nutrient dense, mineral rich, natural whole food ingredients, which in the daily diet, can deliver iodine sufficiency with no adverse effect on thyroid function, reduce the glycaemic response to carbohydrate load, assist in the digestion of fats, reduce hunger via lowered gastric emptying with a positive effect on nutrition and potentially in diabetes, in digestion are effective prebiotics and help protect the gut lining, and are high antioxidant free-radical scavengers. They are a comprehensive source of nutrition which may help to ameliorate numerous risk factors associated with diabetes, obesity, endothelial dysfunction, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and human cognitive disorders including dementia, depression and bipolar diseases.


What does iodine do?


Iodine is critical in many bodily functions, particularly the production of thyroid hormones. Insufficiency is a common cause of hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid). Iodine is converted by the thyroid to thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), which are essential to control metabolic processes such as breathing, heart rate, and menstrual cycles. They influence body weight and temperature, cholesterol levels, mammary gland function and the central and peripheral nervous systems. 


Symptoms of iodine deficiency include weight gain, muscle pain, lethargy, heart disease, cognitive impairment and various cancers.


Iodine contributes to normal thyroid, nervous system and cognitive function, the normal growth of children, normal energy-yielding metabolism, and the maintenance of normal skin.


Each Iodine+ Capsule contains 100% whole Seagreens® wild Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, providing typically 385 micrograms of natural iodine in a single capsule.

The jar lasts for 2 months at one capsule per day.


It is called ‘Iodine+’ because it contains vitamins such as B9 and B12, minerals such as magnesium, selenium and zinc, and other nutrients the body needs for the effective transport and metabolism of iodine.


The capsules slide open so that the content can also be taken in a juice or smoothie.


For children under 5 we suggest half this amount - the capsule is easily opened and half of the content added to a juice or smoothie. Seagreens® is particularly good in apple or mixed vegetable juices. Iodine contributes to normal thyroid, nervous system and cognitive function, the normal growth of children, normal energy-yielding metabolism, and the maintenance of normal skin.




Sustainable wild harvesting in remote locations in the British Isles and Nordic region. Seagreens® seaweed is produced to Nutritious Food Seaweed standard, complies with international food safety and organic regulations, and research shows is at least 33% bioavailable. Recyclable packaging. Nothing added or extracted. Safe for all ages, special diets and health conditions. 10 years’ unique compositional data and nutrition research.


Non-allergenic, vegan, kosher, halal, raw.


Seagreens means you know what you’re eating.




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Seagreens Iodine+ Capsules

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