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Cistus Incanus is the richest plant in polyphenol with no side effects. It supports the immune system as a powerful antioxidant as it has a great ability to catch free radicals and lower the activity of collagenase. As a result, it has a rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory and vitalizing effect on human body and anti wrinkle effect. It can bring relief to men of older age who suffer from enlarged prostate, since it has antiproliferative and cytotoxic properties. It helps cleanse the body from toxins so it is recommended for smokers and people from big polluted cities. It has antibacterial, anti-virus, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It also has an anti-allergic (antihistamine) effect. Works against spirochaete that causes Lyme disease. Is a great aid for the hygiene of oral cavity, has also a teeth-whitening effect. Drinking the extract from Cistus Incanus causes a change in the smell of body discharge, it acts as antiperspirant.    



Furthermore for those with Lyme and Co-Infections:


By:  Terry Perrel From Her Blog Page, "In The Middle Of It All"


A year ago I wrote about drinking cistus icanus tea in order to rid my body of a form of bartonella, one of the co-infections that often show up in people with Lyme Disease.  Every morning for three months I drank most of a cup of this tea.  I say most because some mornings, drinking it made me too nauseous to get all of it down.  Other days I had no problems at all.


Where I live there is a health professional who will take a drop of blood, put it on a slide for magnification on a huge video monitor and identify the various shapes and types of wriggling bacteria, plus the numbers of each that he sees.  He doesn’t diagnose.  Instead he gives his client a record of his findings and a memory stick of the video to take to a doctor, who might use the information as a diagnostic aid.  This was one of many tools my physician used to diagnose my illness.


After three months of drinking cistus icanus tea, I returned to have my blood checked, and no bartonella was found.  In addition, all those nasty symptoms that accompany the bacteria — tremors, high anxiety, depression, mania, pain around the ear and neck, other problems that affect my work and driving — had disappeared a month or more earlier.  Since the bartonella did not show up in my drop of blood, I assumed it was gone for good and traded the tea for hot water with lemon.


Now a year, later the bartonella is back.  The form that I have is known as “cat-scratch fever” because transmission involves a tck, a cat and a human.  It is possible I have been re-infected.  Or that it was still lingering, hiding somewhere. As I write this post, I await a delivery of a bag of cistus incanus which I believe did a good job of breaking down biofilms so the homepathic medications could kill off the various bacterias.  So, those of you who are searching the internet wanting to know if this tea works?  I have to say, yes, for me, it did.  But what I have also learned is that I may need to incorporate this into my regular diet as not only a treatment (1 cup a day) but as a preventive measure (1/2 c. a day) in conjunction with other supplements that support my liver during the bacteria die-off.


Fran Sussman Excerpt From HealingWell Blog


"Cistus is more potent than any other agent known for biofilms. Crosses the blood-brain barrier and is 100% absorbed in the gut. It is antiviral. Can rebrew the tea 4 times. Whitens the teeth (also a biofilm which causes yellow teeth), body fluid smells and odors reduce." -- Dr. Klinghardt

On top of this, it actually keeps ticks away from you! They don't like it, they won't attach to you, they will run away. 

I just wanted to tell the whole community, because I've been taking it for less than a week and my psycho-neurological problems have almost completely gone away, along with continuing my gluten-free, all organic and whole alkaline fruits and veggies, no grains, no beans -- they are too acidic. Mostly fish as my main source of protein and my only fluids are water and teas, or mixtures like chlorella and whole fruits and veggies. My body is alkaline -- in an alkaline state, your body will not hold on to disease.


Health Functions

  • Immune Support*
  • Supports Antioxidant Processes*
  • Skin Health Support*
  • Gastrointestinal Support*
  • Promotes Healthy Inflammatory Processes*
  • Urinary Tract Support*
  • Support For Body’s Microbial Defense*
  • Throat And Mouth Hygiene*
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health*
  • Biofilm Control*


Suggested Use

Intended for internal or external use. May be used as a mouth wash or sublingual absorbtion (under the tongue), as a throat spray, added to other skin products (soaps, facial serums, etc.), or added to water, juice, tea or other liquids for ingestion. Recommended dosage is 1 ml per day (15-20 drops).


Please Note: Do not use when pregnant, nursing or for small children unless recommended by your practitioner.


Servings Per Container: about 30



Cistus incanus / creticus (aerial parts), 40% premium quality vodka


The Cistus Incanus / Creticus used for this tincture has been carefully selected and one by one handpicked from nature, as far away from any source of pollution.




* The information contained here are for educational purposes only.

The traditional uses of specific plants as recorded through history, are merely recounted here. Always seek advice from a medical practitioner. and its representatives will not be held responsible for the improper use of any plants or documentation provided. By use of the information contained herein you agree to hold harmless and its representatives.




Wild Cistus Incanus / Creticus Tincture 30ml

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