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For this tiincture we used wildcrafted & handpicked wild oregano (Oreganum Onites), High Quality Rum & Gin which give you a spectacular aroma alongside with all the benefits oregano provides!


  • Immune system support: Oregano is high in anti-oxidants, one of the highest ratings actually, especially of one specific compound called rosmarinic acid. A small amount of extract may be a better source of anti-oxidantws than all of the berries and superfoods you are currently consuming. (Don't stop eating those though)
  • Anti-inflammatory support: Oregano contains a compound shown to inhibit inflammation and reduce pain and swelling. This may be helpful for acute inflammatory responses such as injury, but especially beneficial for those suffering from chronic, systemic inflammation such as in inflammatory bowel conditions, arteriosclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. 
  • Respiratory support: Because of it's anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, studies have also shown Oregano to be effective in preventing and treating respiratory infections. In one study, the volatile oils of Oregano were shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria, especially two common to causing respiratory infections, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Fighting Parasitic infections: Oregano has been successfully used to fight parasitic infections. In one study, It was shown to be even more effective in eliminating a common infection, Giardia, than even a common drug used, tinidazole.
  • Digestive support: Oregano can be preventative in contracting food-borne illnesses as well as help soothe the stomach and stimulate digestive juices and bile. Because of it's anti-bacteria properties it also has been shown to help fight the common stomach infection H. Pylori
  • Other uses it has been shown to help with are skin rashes, fungus infections, UTIs's, detox from illness by stimulating sweating, and may also help with weight loss!



Half dropper or 1 tea spoon in a cup of water. Tha taste is sharp and strong and is not pleasant  to take the tincture direct! Use this tincture when weather to enhance your immune system to fight any kind of flu!




* The information contained here are for educational purposes only.

The traditional uses of specific plants as recorded through history, are merely recounted here. Always seek advice from a medical practitioner. and its representatives will not be held responsible for the improper use of any plants or documentation provided. By use of the information contained herein you agree to hold harmless and its representatives.


Wild Oregano Tincture 30ml

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