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An exceptional energy purifier for getting rid of negative energy from your home, office, body, mind and spirit! 


Each Wild Sage Smudge stick contains nine brunches.


  • Science shows that Sage is an all natural antibacterial. It clears bacteria out of the air. 
  • Clears away negative energy. If you are feeling tired, drained, moody, anger or even fear, burning sage removes the unwanted and with the right intent removes negativity.
  • Clears the body, mind and spirit.
  • Cleanses objects and spaces, removing negative energy and assisting in creating a fresh start.
  • It's a natural oder remover.
  • A natural bug repellent.
  • A natural mood booster. Can lift your mood within minutes.


The use of smudging is highly rooted in native history, for cleansing and removing negativity, promoting healing properties, energy cleansing, ritual ceremonies. 

Sizes and Shapes


All of our smudge sticks are wildcrafted from the wild nature of Cyprus. Wrapped with hemp string and come in various shapes and sizes. Due to their natural conditions, our smudge sticks include 9 stems and vary in length and thickness.


We pride ourselves on our products’ quality and the integrity we obtain and bring them to you. We honor and support the preservation, healing and restoring of the wild nature of Cyprus. 

Wild Sage Smudge Stick

SKU: 222
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