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Our Wildcrafted Fresh Summer trufffles are coming all the way from the Teurel Forests in Spain, wildcrafted from local Truffle Hunters in the area. The truffles have 100% maturity and give to our customers the best quality they can get on this amazing truffle. The truffles you will receive will be harvested 3 to 4 days before you receive them.


All truffles  are whole,  have regular shape and weight between 20 and 50grams /above 3cm in diameter/ without broken, cut or scratches!


We can provide also bigger truffles 100gr. to 300gr. only upon request!


Usage: Fresh Summer Black Truffles have quite a hard exterior and they are sometimes best prepared by removing the black outer layer. Gently scrape away the surface using a small pairing knife to reveal the softer light brown interior. Black Summer truffles should be shaved as thinly as possible over something hot, preferably buttery.


If you are a restaurant and you would like to test our truffles contact us on 96871893. 


Wildcrafted Fresh Black Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestivum)

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