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The flower of Unity Consciousness & Restoring Balance after shock.


The flower essence of grape hyacinth is the needed companion to restore balance, resilience, calm and integration of the body and spirit during times of external shock, despair, trauma, stress and overwhelm. 


Associated with collective consciousness it carries a quality of group communication and networking and can also be helpful with deeply rooted work being done within groups and communities, facing these feelings together. 


Essence effects



Eases stress felt in the stomach and aids breathing in times of shock, stress, trauma. Supports the stomach and lung Meridians. Also for bumps, bruises, accident shocks and all forms of trauma. As one develops a renewed sense of calm and peace, the many facets of healing may begin. This essence also assists to bridge the third eye or 6th chakra with the spine so that a continuum of communication can take place within the entire body. Supporting the endocrine system and pineal gland. 



Transitional cycles can, at times, create a feeling of isolation. Grape Hyacinth helps to bind the many aspects of the psyche back into a unified whole so that the individual may thrive rather than be deprived. Especially useful for those needing assistance with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or all kinds of Depression. 



Muscari restores balance and calmness, where there was despair and holding after shock or trauma. Offering a new perspective.



Restores balance in the connection with the divine, integration and Unity Consciousness. 


Its affinity for the third eye chakra makes it a powerful ally for energy workers and healers experiencing spiritual exhaustion and needing to rebuild while feeling protected.


Ingredients: Muscari armeniacum, spring water, brandy


Non fragrant.




Suggested use:  Take 4 drops orally or in water, 4 times daily, or as needed.


Safety + storage: Store upright in a cool dry place.  Keep out of reach of children.


Process: Our essences are crafted the day of harvest, using the 'no touch method', with the greatest care, loving grateful intention and positive energy.  Using freshly gathered flowers, spring water and the sun, we allow the energy of the flower to imbibe the menstruum until the sun settles.  Then grape brandy is added to preserve the essence, energy and vitality of the infusion. 


What makes our essences special? 

Clear sky and a bright sun is needed. There is a very short window of opportunity to gather seasonal flowers that will soon provide healing energy, known as vibrational medicine.


Flower essences offer a gentle way to heal and grow because they affect change at a deep emotional level.  Each flower has the capacity to address the underlying emotional causes that create problems in the body.  Oftentimes addressing these emotions can resolve physical symptoms and ailments and thus are a beautiful complement to herbal medicine, energy work and transformational coaching.


In general one begins noticing the effects, in the new found relief and lightness, as if a weight is being lifted off. That is the energy being gently transmuted through the high frequency of the flower. In