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The flower of powerful unifying energy.


Queen Anne’s Lace is a mind-body harmonizer. It supports us to gracefully pull the threads of a divided situation back together into wholeness and harmony. It clears away mental clutter and can help open a clogged third eye. Excellent for tapping into your clairvoyance abilities.


Issues treated by Queen Anne's Lace include sensitivity, emotional upsets, and confusion. It helps break up the illusions of frailty, powerlessness or hopelessness that ensnare us or scatter our energies.


Good for grounded opening of sensitivities; improved vision -- physical, psychological, or psychic; and sexual integration, clarity, and boundaries.



Essence Effects


Body: On the physical level, this essence may be used to treat any disorder that is related to the third eye (6º Chakra). Through it, it will stimulate our visual faculty on the energy level. It works with the hypothalamus and pituitary to regulate the body clock, enhancing a feeling of well being and the importance of one's potential. In addition, Wild Carrot essence is a tonic that brings energy to the spine. It enhances fertility, and promotes a natural rhythm and order of body. 


Mind: Wild Carrot essence exerts a calming effect on the soul while it moderates its constant activity, such as in the case of intellectuals. It helps to repair the flow of thoughts and provides energy to the mental rest. It encourages priorities, promotes organizational skills and the determination and ambition to get the job done, reducing fears and difficulties in the beginning stages of projects.


Emotion: Unlived or suppressed emotions find in Wild Carrot essence a vibration that at first makes us aware of them and then it dispels them. We will learn how to better recognize our feelings through the eyes and to understand them. So, we can start a process of "purification" during which we get liberated from emotional surpluses. Life just seems to flow a little easier each day! 


Spirit: With this essence, we will gain a deeper level of spiritual comprehension and understanding. It is a source of spiritual clarity for people who are looking for something, do not believe or are often affected by negative visions. This essence will throw a new light on our situation allowing us to eliminate negative patterns. This essence is an ideal complement to representations and dreamlike induced travel, given that it sharpens our ability to inner vision.


Wild carrot flower essence supports us in seeing and recognising what is. It can be used to accompany therapy supporting clear reflection on experiences that had been repressed. The essence relieves eye strain caused by bright sunlight or computer monitors.



- “I see with clarity and I easily and gracefully free myself from any and all distorting and negative thoughts, any and all resistance and limitations.”

- "I am spontaneous, organized and disciplined, easily, gracefully and effortlessly completing any given task."


Ingredients: Daucus Carota, spring water, brandy


Non fragrant.




Suggested use:  Take 4 drops orally or in water, 4 times daily, or as needed.


Safety + storage: Store upright in a cool dry place.  Keep out of reach of children.


Process: Our essences are crafted the day of harvest, using the 'no touch method', with the greatest care, loving grateful intention and positive energy.  Using freshly gathered flowers, spring water and the sun, we allow the energy of the flower to imbibe the menstruum until the sun settles.  Then grape brandy is added to preserve the essence, energy and vitality of the infusion. 


What makes our essences special? 

Clear sky and a bright sun is needed. There is a very short window of opportunity to gather seasonal flowers that will soon provide healing energy, known as vibrational medicine.


Flower essences offer a gentle way to heal and grow because they affect change at a deep emotional level.  Each flower has the capacity to address the underlying emotional causes that create problems in the body.  Oftentimes addressing these emotions can resolve physical symptoms and ailments and thus are a beautiful complement to herbal medicine, energy work and transformational coaching.


In general one begins noticing the effects, in the new found relief and lightness, as if a weight is being lifted off. That is the energy being gently transmuted through the high frequency of the flower. In some cases, similar to a cleanse or detox, as patterns or blockages are brought to the surface, one may feel a heightened awareness of symptoms and emotions. This is normal, since first that which needs to be released must come to the surface. It is in this process that transformative coaching can support you in easier navigating through.  As with any natural approach to healing, the vibrational healing of flower essences can clear blockages immediately or take time. It is a process that requires patience, pure intention and a positive outlook.  


Flower essences are subtle, yet have a positive reputation of being both highly effective and very safe to use.  Flower essences do not have a scent/smell.  


Learn more about flower remedies therapy here.




* Plants can be powerful medicinal allies, when used responsibly.  Creating a relationship with their vital energy ensures a symbiotic partnership that can offer a spiritual connection to our emotional healing and physical well-being.  Although most herbal preparations are safe and effective, it is important to note that there may be potential side effects and individual results may vary.  Please consult your licensed herbalist or health care provider and do your own research before you place your order, so that you may become an empowered, knowledgeable and compassionate caretaker of our own body.



The information contained within is for educational purposes only. Cyprus Hobbit® products and statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your healthcare practitioner prior to and during use, particularly if you have any serious medical conditions, are pregnant, breast feeding, or taking prescriptions.  Do not use it if allergic to any of the ingredients listed.


Queen Anne’s Lace / Daucus Carota Flower Essence

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