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Due to great demand and limeted quantity this year we accept  pre-orders for our Arkoladon.


Early harvest will start for 2023 will start in 20th of Octoberhandpicking olives for just 2-3 weeks. We produce just 12-15 liters of Olive oil per day!


After the huge success we had with our Arkoladon it was a matter of time to produce as well our first early harvest version of Arkoladon. Following the same standards, the olives have been one by one carefully selected and handpicked from ancient wild olive trees, just like our Arkoladon and brought to the mill for the extraction on the same day of harvest.


Extracted from the unripe, green olives, this so called first class olive oil, or Αγουρέλαιο (Agoureleo), as we call it in Greek, is by far the elite under the olive oils. It is very green in color, it tastes more bitter, spicy and fruity and compared to the extra virgin olive oil, this one is more resistant and richer in vitamins, minerals and polyphenols, which protect our cells from free radicals, ie cancer and oxidative stress. It retains these properties for up to six months after production, that is why our production is for a limited time.


Put it on the test:


If you feel a bitter taste in the back of your mouth and a slight burning sensation in the throat when swallowing a tablespoon of olive oil, this is good evidence that it is Early Harvest Oil, extra virgin olive oil.


Our tip:


Try it fresh on a slice of toasted village bread or arkatena (cypriot traditional rusk), add some salt and some oregano. Some aged cheese and homemade red wine... Your taste buds will love it and your body even more!

Arkoladon Early Harvest 250ml

SKU: 999777
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